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Preparation will save you time and money

Searching homes for sale online is as easy as Sunday morning! (for all you Lionel Richie fans out there) Information is at the tip of our fingertips like we've never seen before. Many real estate companies take advantage of this and pay millions of dollars each year to capture your information while you're browsing properties. When you find that property you just have to see, you click on "Schedule a showing" and before you know it a realtor is calling you to make an appointment! It's as easy as that... but wait... who is that agent?

  • How qualified are they?
  • What do they know about the property?
  • What do they now about the location/building?
  • Have they ever sold anything in that area and price point before?
  • Have they asked you about getting pre approved?
  • Most importantly, are they planning on wasting your time by meeting you at the property before discussing your goals?
Nothing is more frustrating for buyers than showing up to a property expecting one thing and seeing another. It's important to work with an agent with the market knowledge that will save you time and money. Leaving this decision to chance could cost you valuable time and a lot of money!

Working with the right agent will help you save time and money. So how do you know who to work with? First and foremost, there is no substitute for working with someone you trust and can work well with. Your agent should be readily available, especially in a fast moving market where you'll sometimes need to see properties the same day they are listed or you will lose your chance. 

Some things to consider when interviewing for a buyers agent

  • Can they refer you to great lenders to get you pre approved for the best rate and terms?
  • What is their experience and what areas do they work in?
  • Will they preview the properties with you or send you to open house?
  • If you are across the globe and buying site unseen, will your agent preview the property on your behalf? 
  • Do they have a strategy to compete with multiple offers?

We've seen countless buyers try to do things on their own or work with someone who does little to help them stand out. In a completive market, it is critical to not only write a strong offer, but to write clean offer with zero mistakes. 

Nothing... many first time buyers may not know this, but buyers do not pay their agent a commission. Commission are paid by the seller, so it costs you nothing to work with the right agent. It will however cost you to not work with the right agent. 
Download our "Buyers Guide" below for a more detailed description of what to expect when buying a home. 

Buyer's Guide Purchasing Process

There are many moving parts throughout the buying process so it's important to select your real estate agent before you start your search. Work with someone you trust, and put us to work for you today!

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